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Trilantic North America Overview

Trilantic North America is a private equity firm focused on investments in the North American region, primarily within the consumer, business services and energy sectors.


Middle Market


North America

HQ Location

New York, NY

BuildRI Category Rating


Responsible Investment Rating


Value Builder Rating


Stakeholder Rating


Key Value Builder Features1

  • Focused Digital Strategy
  • In-house Digital Expertise
  • Operational Improvement Strategy
  • Dedicated Operational Improvement Team

1. Key Value Builder Features are determined by the BuildRI research team based upon publicly-available information and input from 3rd parties, including the firm in certain circumstances.

Value Creation Examples


Contributing Source: ESG

DIME places its clean commitments at the core of its brand, expanding its partnership with the Environmental Working Group (EWG) to utilize their transparent ingredient hazard ratings. This allows environmentally conscious customers to use DIME products worry-free. EWG, a non-profit organization, educates consumers on hazardous ingredients and provides its EWG-Verified mark to brands meeting strict clean standards. Recognizing that customers demand greater transparency, DIME discloses each product's ingredients and their respective EWG Skin Deep scores on its website. Additionally, DIME's dedication to planetary health is evident in its use of glass product packaging and 100% recyclable cardboard cartons and boxes, reinforcing its brand identity and values.

DIME Beauty

Contributing Source: 2022 ESG Report

DIME, a founder-led direct-to-consumer skincare, beauty, and fragrance brand, offers clean alternatives with full ingredient transparency, emphasizing vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic formulations. Notably, they champion sustainability through glass packaging and 100% recyclable, biodegradable cardboard for shipping, diverting over 3 million units of plastic from landfills annually. DIME also partners with sustainable suppliers like Wasatch Labs, which employs a rooftop solar farm and paperless manufacturing to further environmental goals. This dedication to clean products and eco-conscious packaging reflects a commitment to both consumers and the planet.

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