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TZP Management Associates Overview

Founded in 2007, TZP Group is a private equity firm focused on investing in lower-middle market Technology & Business Services and Consumer Products & Services companies in the United States and Canada.


Lower Middle Market


North America

HQ Location

New York, NY

BuildRI Category Rating


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Key Value Builder Features1

  • Focused Digital Strategy
  • In-house Digital Expertise
  • Operational Improvement Strategy
  • Dedicated Operational Improvement Team

1. Key Value Builder Features are determined by the BuildRI research team based upon publicly-available information and input from 3rd parties, including the firm in certain circumstances.

Value Creation Examples

Soccer Post

Contributing Source: ESG

Soccer Post has implemented various sustainability initiatives, including providing reusable merchandise bags in-store and eliminating plastic bag distribution. In May 2023, they restocked and redesigned these reusable bags. For online orders, they use compostable shipping bags that decompose in 4-6 months. Soccer Post also recycles used footwear in-store to support reforestation in Ghana through a partnership with the MORE Foundation Group. They repurpose and reuse inbound cardboard boxes, recycle those that can't be reused, and provide staff with water coolers to eliminate single-use water bottles. Additionally, in 2022, Soccer Post electrified their van fleet with 2022 Ford E-Transits.

Plus Ultra

Contributing Source: TZP Group

Plus Ultra's oral care products have achieved annual 6x growth by expanding distribution and entering new markets, including large retailers like CVS and fashion retailers such as Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue. This growth is not only due to the demand for eco-friendly products but also to the brand's authentic promotion of diversity and inclusion. Its "For Every Smile" brand campaign features all types of smiles, which has resonated with customers and created value for the company.

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