Backed by leading operators and Private Equity Pioneers

”Our vision is to be the trusted platform that empowers investors and executives to confidently make informed decisions when partnering with private equity firms. We also empower private equity investors to credibly showcase their value-added services, gain actionable insights, and continuously improve their offerings.”

James Lindstrom

CEO, BuildRI

We bring investors and executives closer together

With nearly three decades of building value in partnership with world-class investors, our founder created BuildRI with a vision to create a universal symbol of trust. BuildRI is an independent platform that brings investors and executives together to foster trust and accelerate capital to the highest-performing, responsible investors and businesses.

BuildRI is free to use, open to everybody, and built on transparency. BuildRI helps LPs and executives partner confidently and helps private equity firms build trust and create more value for their investors and teams.

BuildRI is a certified minority-owned business.

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