Insight from Responsible Investment Experts

20 Years.
Building Value.

Our mission is to deliver the insight that investors need to accelerate responsible investment decisions.

With over 20 years of experience leading and advising on responsible investment reporting and program management and generating stakeholder value, our 50-person team is more than well positioned to empower our clients to succeed in a rapidly changing business environment.

Our Origin

Our platform was incubated and launched in partnership with BuzzWord and Essense Partners, affiliates of BW ESG Corp. and long-term providers of reporting and digital solutions to Fortune 500 corporations and the alternative investment industry. After years of partnering with the world’s leading organizations in ESG and advising on the frameworks, standards, raters and rankers, it became clear that the private markets needed a streamlined solution to enhance its responsible investment (RI) reporting practices.  As a result, BuildRI was launched in mid-2022 and our initial ratings and case studies launched in 2023.

Our Leadership

Our leadership is comprised of ESG and responsible investment experts, private market investors and operators and sophisticated global family offices with backgrounds in leading alternative investment firms.