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  • In-Depth Research and Benchmarking. Gain access to comprehensive research and benchmarking data on responsible investment and value creation practices specific to the private equity industry. Utilize these insights to understand industry trends, evaluate your firm’s performance against peers, and identify areas for improvement.
  • Annual Deep Dive Sessions. Participate in an annual 2-3 hour session with BuildRI experts, dedicated to reviewing your firm’s practices. These deep dives provide a detailed analysis of your firm in comparison to its peers, offering actionable feedback and strategic recommendations.
  • Enhanced Online Profile. Increase your firm’s visibility and credibility by enhancing your profile on the BuildRI platform. Choose to either contribute your own content or collaborate with our team to create bespoke content that reflects your firm’s strengths and commitment to responsible investment and operational improvement.

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Only verified alternative investment firms may be listed on the BuildRI platform. For more information on membership tiers, benefits, and how to apply, please click on Learn More or contact our team directly.