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Clearlake Capital Group Overview

Clearlake Capital Group, L.P. is a private equity firm founded in 2006 that focuses on the technology, industrial and consumer sectors.






North America

HQ Location

Santa Monica, CA

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Key Value Builder Features1

  • Focused Digital Strategy
  • In-house Digital Expertise
  • Operational Improvement Strategy
  • Dedicated Operational Improvement Team

1. Key Value Builder Features are determined by the BuildRI research team based upon publicly-available information and input from 3rd parties, including the firm in certain circumstances.

Value Creation Examples

Wellness Pet Company i

Contributing Source: 2023 ESG Report

Wellness Pet is actively addressing the pet food industry's historical emphasis on protein-centric approaches that carry significant environmental impacts such as resource intensity and emissions. Responding to increasing consumer demands for sustainability, transparency, and eco-friendly practices, Wellness Pet has outlined its commitments in its inaugural 2022 Impact Report. The company aims to lead in sustainable practices by reducing energy usage in facilities, implementing robust recycling programs, and adopting eco-friendly packaging solutions. Notably, one-third of Wellness Pet’s product portfolio became recyclable for curbside collection in 2022, marking a pioneering partnership with TerraCycle as the first US-based pet food brand to do so. Beyond packaging, Wellness Pet is focused on reducing food waste through improved food quality, safety measures, and production efficiencies, thereby minimizing both financial and environmental costs associated with greenhouse gas emissions from ingredient sourcing and transport. These efforts underscore Wellness Pet’s proactive approach to meeting consumer expectations for high-quality, environmentally responsible pet food products.

Constant Contact

Contributing Source: 2023 ESG Report

Constant Contact has been proactive in integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its product offerings, recognizing AI's potential to revolutionize operations by automating tasks, improving efficiency, and enhancing customer experiences. While AI presents opportunities for small businesses to drive growth and competitiveness, responsible implementation is crucial to mitigate inherent biases. These biases can arise from human decisions in data selection, algorithm design, and result interpretation, potentially reinforcing societal inequities across various demographics. Constant Contact addresses these challenges by incorporating user feedback and monitoring AI performance to minimize biases in tools like ChatGPT. Moreover, the company publishes AI best practices on its website to educate stakeholders and promote ethical AI usage within the market.


Contributing Source: ESG Report

To replace its resource-intensive corrugated cardboard boxes for shopping, Pretium has strategically transitioned to employing recyclable bags as an eco-friendly alternative. This shift not only reduces waste significantly but also enhances packing efficiency, enabling more products to be transported on a single truck. In another sustainability-driven move, Pretium has strategically positioned its 25 manufacturing plants to optimize shipping distances between these facilities and customers - not only lowering GHG emissions, but also fuel-related costs. Most recently, the company expanded into Mexico to better serve its Latin American clientele, furthering its environmental and logistical efficiency.

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